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Components: Arduino Uno, Micro-SD Card Adapter, Micro SD Card, Speaker, Proximity Sensor

Built With: Processing.js, Arduino, PHP, mySQL

Team: Jamie, Naylee, Brianna

Toiletunes addresses that awkward moment we all face at school or at work... You're in a stall in the bathroom doing your thing and someone else comes into the stall next door and you both sit in awkward silence hoping you won't make an embarrassing sound. To eliminate this awkward moment, why not bring music into this space with a stall radio! Whenever you walk into the stall and sit down, Toiletunes detects your presence and starts playing. Toiletunes in turn leads to a lively bathroom environment and a great conversation starter!

Working in a group of three, my team developed this project based around concepts of telepresence, product design, service design and interaction design. We utilized a web based storage of data, Arduino microcontrollers for controlling physical components, and front-end visualization techniques to interface with the physical components of ToiletTunes.


Check out our GitHub Repo here and some demo videos below!

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