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The Prompt:

Conceptualize an installation for the lobby of the new Iovine Young Hall

The Team:

Naylee, Jamie, Brianna

The Concept:

Our team worked on Pod, a space nestled under the stairs, which allows students to find moments of quiet & relaxation amidst the school day.

The Problem

Iovine Young Academy students are extremely hard working, which inevitably leads to the visual you see above... two exhausted students passed out in our learning space for fellow students, faculty and even prospective visitors to see. This is not a good look. There needs to be a place for these tired individuals to rest in peace and away from the public eye!

pod will change all of this.

A meditation and relaxation space for students seeking refuel time.

We decided to put this in the huddle room because we love it's small cozy size and how it’s nestled underneath the staircase. It's super accessible as it's located right in the middle of the space, but also has a private aspect since it’s embedded into the stairs.

User Journey

Meet Val.

Val has had a long day at school and is in need of some sleep.





She opens up the pod app on her phone and checks out the schedule for today.

She sees an opening at 2 and snags it for her and Arthur!

She can check the schedule and see when she's up!

She can pick a place that the pod will be themed around.


She's up next! So she heads to the pod.

They enter the pod, put on the pod bands and pod phones and suddenly they’re fast asleep in the darkness of the mountains. The walls are mapped with projections of one long panoramic time-lapse.

As their session nears the end, the sun rises in the mountains and they are woken up by the sound of chirping birds and a voice that greets them personally.

This is an example of one of the many customized experiences you can have in the huddle room. Another could even be a guided meditation. The video footage is pulled from a database based on your preferences, in this case they chose the snowy mountain timelapse. The heart rate monitor data controls the lights and audio. The pod phones are not only eye masks, but also wireless headphones that are individualized based on the heart rate of the user.

The heart band recognizes when the starting heart beat has decreased by 24 beats, which indicates that the user is asleep. Suddenly the time-lapse matches this pace and the sun sets as you sleep, and rises as you wake up.

Here is a mockup of what the pod would look like in it's active state when our users are resting.

Modularity: Were planning to buy cushioned mats for the floors that are able to be rolled up and showed easily as well as nice pottery barn blankets and comfy pillows.

Supplies & Decor

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