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My Roles:

  • UI/UX, 3D Modelling & Animation (Maya, AI)

  • Designed Slide Decks (Keynote, PS, AI)

  • VFX for Demo Video - Composited 3D models in filmed environment (After Effects)

Photogram is a concept for the AR photography app of the future. The app for HoloLens captures 3D models of a moment and allows users to replay those moments in the location they were captured.

As part of a five-person team, I created a prototype, slide deck and short film explaining the concept. Photogram was pitched to Microsoft executives in May 2017.

Pitch Deck 

Demo Video

Design Process

Imagining a UI for Augmented Reality

Logo Iterations
UI Design Inspiration:

Camera Menu Settings Wheel

Phase 1: Flat UI Icon Iterations 

Adobe Illustrator

Phase 2: Make Icons 3D for AR

Adobe Illustrator

Phase 3: 3D Modeling & Animating the UI


Phase 4: Compositing the UI

Adobe After Effects

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