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iOS app and aromatherapy diffuser for automated and personalized essential oil blends

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Meet mello. A smart fragrance diffuser that blends new scents in real time for your varying needs. Simply push your monthly cartridge of oils into the Mello diffuser, and it will fill your room with a scent that matches each moment based on your schedule, goals, and data from connected devices.

Mello is a project I worked on with Suraya Shivji and our team of designers, engineers and aromatherapy experts during our Senior year at the Iovine Young Academy. Starting out as a team of two, Suraya and I were both able to have our hands in the user & market research, design, tech and business aspects of this project.

My Role

Creative Direction, User Experience Design + Research, Branding, Product Strategy

Mello Promo Video

Starring Adeline Paterson
Directed and Edited by Nate Stranzl
Cinematography by Will Erwin

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Suraya managed the hardware and software prototyping and development with our engineers Harrison Lin, Harrison Weinerman and Brian Le

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