Creative Direction, User Experience Design + Research, Branding, Product Strategy

Mello is a project I’m currently working on with Suraya Shivji and our team of designers, engineers and aromatherapy experts. Starting out as a team of two, Suraya and I were both able to have our hands in the user & market research, design, tech and business aspects of this project. 

Mello is an intelligent diffuser for the home that motivates a lifestyle of wellness for young adults through personalized aromatherapy. Mello leverages AI to mechanically create blends in real time based on the user’s changing moods and stress factors.

Check out our pitch deck below

+ our click through prototype.

Mello was fortunate to win $5,000 at the Iovine and Young Academy Awards competition to go towards the development of the product.

When the users buys Mello, they can simply spring load the oils into the six slots, which are designed to only accept our oils.

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