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Liner Notes

Website to listen and learn about black artists

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Liner Notes

This site began as a side project that I came up with in June of 2021 when social unrest and protests were at a peak high over George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and numerous other innocent black lives taken due to racism and police brutality.

Our hope was to bring together music, design and technology to support the cause.

My Role

Product Design + Branding, Front End Dev

Team Members

Sonika Patel, Audrey Wiltz, Alexina Boudreaux, Blake Adelman, Parker Malachowsky, Suraya Shivji


  1. Support black music artists directly through streaming

  2. Encourage discovery of new and old black artists’ music

  3. Be a source of new + unique information on black artists throughout history

  4. Support blm organizations that are doing work for black artists of all kinds

V1 of our website allowed “.streamers” to listen to curated music by new and old black artists and read about each artist in real time as they listen (since taken down to continue development on v2.0). This site was live and developed by Sonika Patel and Blake Adelman.

Our streams counted as Spotify Premium streams, directly supporting the artists and also linked to many orgs that support black artists.

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v2.0 - Liner Notes

Our v2.0 introduced Playlist Curators and Forewords. We planned to invite select music industry leaders/influencers/activists to curate playlists for our site. Each curator would record a Foreword introducing themselves and their playlist.

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