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KWCA Website

Web Design: Jamie Haberman

Web Development: Jamie Haberman​

Photography: Jamie Haberman

HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop

As a freelance designer and developer, I was hired by Kay & Warburton Chartered Accountants in 2016 to design and develop a website for their company. I used 1and1 to host the site, and developed it using HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery.

Check out the live site here!

Final Site Walkthrough

The Process

Phase 1. Understanding the Client

KWCA, a Canadian accounting firm specializing in accounting, tax and advisory services to the entertainment and media industry, was looking to revamp their site.

I was invited to their office to take photographs of the space and the employees. I also took this as an opportunity to get a feel for the environment and company culture so that I could reflect it in my design of the site.


I came to understand that their target audience is other companies in the Entertainment Industry looking for accounting, tax and advisory services. Therefore, I looked at other examples of entertainment websites, such as, for inspiration to find that they mostly use colorful images, fun colors and modern fonts.

Phases 2, 3 & 4. Wireframing, Designing and Developing the Features & Interactions

KWCA was aiming for a simple and clear landing page to give customers a feel for who they are. Therefore, we limited the features to just: "About," "Team," and "Contact" on a single scroll page.

Feature 1:

Draggable Slideshow to Engage the User & Set the Tone

Features 2 & 3:

Information about the company and a scrolling slide show of client's shows they have worked on

Feature 4:

The user can get a feel for the team and access everyones' contact information.

Feature 5:

The user can locate the office on a map and then is given more contact information below.

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