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Created With: Processing.js, Kinect, After Effects

Song: Blue Monday by New Order

I approached this video project as a visual music piece. I began by breaking the song into phrases and then deeper into instruments and polyrhythms. I wanted to bring the electronic dance atmosphere of the song to life by capturing body movement. I played with bright colors and experimented with layering effects and kinetic typography to add a psychedelic dream sequence feel to the video.

I created all of the visuals using an XBOX Kinect in real time and live recorded the movement with 3D motion capture that I coded making use of available open source libraries in Processing.js. I wanted to explore the collision of the abstract digital world with the photo-real world. I mapped each letter of the word "bluemonday" to the 3D point clouds being generated in real time through the Kinect to create a unique texture and typographical motif throughout the piece. 


Built With: Processing.js, Minim.js, Optical Flow

midi_me is an interactive experience that I built using Processing.js. It tracks the user's body movement and triggers different piano notes depending on where their motion is located. Instead of having to pick up and learn an instrument, you can use midi_me to generate music through body movement.

Check out my code repo on Github here :)

Experimental Video

Objective: To display how humans can use algorithms, systems and rules to produce aesthetically pleasing and chance-based images and results.

Medium: All graphics and animations coded in Processing.js, original code with some adapted code from “Generative Art” by Matt Pearson


Generative Art, programs compiled and layered in Final Cut Pro

Music: Euphoric, Podington Bear / CC

Objective: Exploring what collage could look like in motion and how layering and keying the graphics and photography affects the visual aesthetic.

Medium: All graphics created in Adobe Illustrator, animated in After Effects, edited in Final Cut Pro

Music: Data, Podington Bear / CC

Interactive Music Videos

Built With: Processing.js, Minim.js

I programmed this series of interactive visuals in Processing.js, using the Minim.js library so that the visuals respond to any imported song as well as input from the user such as key-presses and mouse clicks. I am hoping to soon host these interactive programs on a website for public use with any song that the user inputs.

The Roller Coaster Stage

Design, 3D Modelling, Animation

Music: Lady by Modjo (Kaytranada Remix)

Software Use: Maya, Premiere Pro

The typical concert stage is a box that opens up to the audience from the font plane. This is problematic as performances are three-dimensional experiences and should be viewed from all angles. The roller coaster stage takes the audience through and around the stage. The speed of the coaster is synced to the BPM of the songs that are playing, unifying the ride and the show.

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