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Freelance Art & Design

Graphic Design, Digital Art, Animation, Photography, Hand Drawing

As a freelance artist, I create graphic designs, lyric videos, music videos, animations, logos and websites for bands, musicians and businesses in the US and Canada. Displayed below are examples of work for clients and/or design contests I have participated in.

Visualizer for Distant by GOGO

A surrealist style animated visual, designed to represent the mind games, emotional distance and cognitive dissonance that Gogo tells her audience about in her lyrics.

Visualizer for WTF by GOGO

A doodle style animated visual, designed to emulate GOGO's process of writing and doodling in her journal to release her thoughts and emotions about difficulat events happening in her life and around her.

Album Art for Fool's Gold by Adeline 

Collaborated with Addie to bring the story behind her album to life visually. The album is a reflection on past relationships. It's about getting over these relationships and looking forward instead of backwards.

Music Video for Waste by Adeline 

Collaborated with Addie to bring the story behind this song to life visually. This song is the story of Addie realizing that someone she loved was not who she thought he was and learning to let the memory of him go and focus on herself.

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