My Roles:

Designing assets, animating scenes to be projection mapped, and building the set using foam core.

Adobe Illustrator, After Effects

Team Members: 

Jamie Haberman (Design, Animation)

Eddie Mestre (Music Production, Projection Mapping with Pandora's Box, Animation)

Suraya Shivji (Design, Animation)

This projection mapping experiment visually explores the history of electricity and takes the audience on a journey into the prospective future of technology. In this project, we bring 2D digital graphics into 3D space. We use two projectors to map our graphics to the angles and faces of a 3D form that exists the real world.

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3

Choosing a Color Scheme

Phase 4

Designing assets in Illustrator to be animated

Phase 5

Animating scenes and making sure that I am making content that will look good once it is mapped to our 3D set.

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