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Freelance Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Animation, for bands/musicians

Nuclear Cowboy

I creative directed, created the cover art, core visuals and music video for my good friend Nuclear Cowboy's latest single, The Equation. 


Video footage and photography shot by Mitch Gilman

I illustrated the animations using Procreate

Video edited in After Effects

Graphics created in Photoshop

Music Video - Illustrated, Animated, Edited by me


Press - Featured in Luna Collective

Cover Art and Spotify Canvas I created


Cover Art (Photo by Mitch Gilman)


Lyric IG Post

Brent Black

Cover art illustration for latest single, Trailmix ft. DiFiNiTiV

Illustrated in Procreate

Untitled_Artwork 3 2.png


Animated cover for her single, Polished (Acoustic)

Used original EP artwork by Austin Dalgleish and illustrations/animated elements by Louis Harboe to create this


Animated in After Effects


Created Animated Visualizers from Gogo's cover art to help promote her new singles "Distant" and "WTF"

Created Animated Visualizers from Gogo's cover art to help promote her new singles "Distant" and "WTF"

Visualizer & Spotify Canvas for Distant by GOGO

A surrealist style animated visual, designed to represent the mind games, emotional distance and cognitive dissonance that Gogo tells her audience about in her lyrics.


Visualizer & Spotify Canvas for WTF by GOGO

A doodle style animated visual, designed to emulate GOGO's process of writing and doodling in her journal to release her thoughts and emotions about difficult events happening in her life and around her.



I approached this video project as a visual music piece. I began by breaking the song into phrases and then deeper into instruments and polyrhythms. I wanted to bring the electronic dance atmosphere of the song to life by capturing body movement. I played with bright colors and experimented with layering effects and kinetic typography to add a psychedelic dream sequence feel to the video.

I created all of the visuals using an XBOX Kinect in real time and live recorded the movement with 3D motion capture that I coded making use of available open source libraries in Processing.js. I wanted to explore the collision of the abstract digital world with the photo-real world. I mapped each letter of the word "bluemonday" to the 3D point clouds being generated in real time through the Kinect to create a unique texture and typographical motif throughout the piece. 

Created With: Processing.js, Kinect, After Effects

Song: Blue Monday by New Order

Procreating in the Park

Find me at the park drawing my friends on my iPad !

The Journey - A USC Springfest Installation

This project was installed at USC's annual concert, Springfest, in 2019 that brought together thousands of students and featured performances from popular musical artists such as Still Woozy, Gunna, JID and more. This installation was selected to be a part of their immersive playground that was filled with interactive experiences and installations. In collaboration with Eastside LED, my team constructed 5 video panels that were each approximately 12 feet tall and spaced out in a semi-circle formation for the viewers to step into. The piece explores a variety of abstract landscapes and experiments all created in Cinema4D and composited together in After Effects to music by Kaytranada. 

3D Modelling and Animation, Video Editing, Cinema4D, After Effects​


Jamie Haberman 

Eddie Mestre (3D Animation and Editing)

Suraya Shivji (3D Animation)

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 11.51.28


Built With: Processing.js, Minim.js, Optical Flow

midi_me is an interactive experience that I built using Processing.js. It tracks the user's body movement and triggers different piano notes depending on where their motion is located. Instead of having to pick up and learn an instrument, you can use midi_me to generate music through body movement.

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