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UI/UX Design & Illustrations: Jamie Haberman

Lead Producer: Greg Feingold Associate Producer: Kacey Weiniger

Technical Leads: Chinmay Chinara and Aakash Shanbhag

iOS Lead: Suraya Shivji

Animators: Yimin Zhang, Marcus Burke

ARnold is an Augment Reality short film for the Microsoft HoloLens and we are currently working on developing it for the iOS ARKit as well. The app uses spatial mapping and dynamic storytelling to create a dog that grows up in your living room. In the iOS app, the user will flip between the title cards designed below as well as 3D animated reenactments of the story in Augmented Reality. 

Color Scheme:

iPhone Icon:

App Store Screenshots:

The Storybook Title Cards:

This AR App flips between these title cards and AR to tell the story of Arnold

Arnold iMessage Sticker Pack:

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