My Roles:

Product Design, UI/UX Design, Front End Web Development

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Invision​

Team Members: 

Jamie Haberman (Design, Developer)

Ryan Carter (Developer, Composer)

Eddie Mestre (Music Producer, Animator)

Jet Kwok (Business Strategist, Music Producer)

BounceWav was originally created during the LA Philharmonic's first music hackathon, Hack Music LA. At this hackathon, our team won mentorship from Techstars Music and the opportunity to develop this web app with the LA Phil. 


BounceWav partners with live performers to augment the live music experience. Our platform enables the audience to jam with the band by transforming smartphones into instruments.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 3.12.02 PM.png

Expanding the Magic of Music Through Technology - SparkFun

“I never thought I’d be that excited to play a triangle on my phone during a performance,” said Barnes. “We’ve been clapping for how many years, and that’s the way we interacted before.”

LA Phil’s ‘Hack Music LA’ bring melds technology and music - BeverlyPress

"The tool augments performances by creating customized music when a phone is moved in a certain direction."

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