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UI/UX & Interaction Design:

Jamie Haberman

Team Members: 

Arim Han, Jamie Haberman, Ryan Ablett, Theodor Ng

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects

Bookie is an iOS app concept which my team came up with in a Design for UX class in 2017. Bookie enables college students to buy, sell and exchange textbooks in a quick and affordable manner. By creating an organized space that is user friendly, users will be able to easily find the academic materials they’re looking for and sell to other students within their community.

Feature List:


School Email Login

Requires students to register their accounts through their school emails. Our way to verify the buyers and sellers.


Buying and Selling

We will have two choices for the users: to buy or to sell. This allows for a level of organization that competitors like the USC "Free and for Sale" page of Facebook do not provide their users.


Seller Form

Series of questions about details of the book (title, author, edition, condition, class)


In-app Messaging System

Simple messaging tool to allow buyers and sellers to connect for transactions. They will always have option of their personal contact information but this provides an additional and safer option.


In-app Payment System

Feature to allow students to link their PayPal accounts. Allows students to keep the process streamlined and convenient.


Search Capabilities

Search capabilities will allow someone to be able to search a book by its name, author, or even the class it is used for.


Price Filters

Since we focus on providing the best experience for buyers and sellers, we will allow users to search and rank options on lowest to highest price. This ensures they are always getting the best deal.


Price Comparison

Each book with have it’s listed price on Amazon. This is to help sellers find appropriate prices to sell at as well as help buyers understand how much they are saving.

User Personas:

Usability Test Insights:

  1. Users want to see how reliable a seller is by checking reviews
  2. Users found interface cluttered
  3. Users wanted to see how good of a deal they were getting by looking at a price comparison for each product 
  4. Users want to filter through products based on different qualities such as price

UI/UX Design

UI Interactions

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