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a place to stream and learn about black artists.

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Product Design + Branding, Front End, Product Management


Alexina Boudreaux, Blake Adelman, Sonika Patel, Audrey Wiltz, Parker Malachowsky

This project began as a series of google hangout chats in June about how stuck my friends Suraya, Audrey, Blake and I all felt during this time of social unrest and protest over the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and numerous other innocent black lives that were taken due to racism and police brutality. 

We were reading, listening, donating, protesting but didn’t feel like we were directly making an impact — so we got to brainstorming. We all knew we were passionate about music, technology and helping artists so put our heads together to think of ways in which we can use our skills to support this cause. After about a month of more video calls, lots of designing, coding and playlisting was born.

Check out our MVP at

This site is still a Work in Progress :) 

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